Due to further development of “Insurance News” magazine, there have been changes regarding composition and preparation of articles. The main aim of the changes is to enable the authors to prepare articles in a pre-determined form, so that they reflect the essential requirements. New documents with hints, including instruction for authors, an article’s pattern and an author’s declaration of royalties transfer are available below.

Programme Council, with prof. Tadeusz Szumlicz as Chairman, invites everyone willing to share their articles, polemics and reviews of the latest publications. Each of sent materials has a chance to contribute to the scientific thought development and the right understanding of the insurance protection in the social and economic processes. You are welcome to join us!

The article’s form

The autor’s declaration

“Insurance News” magazine is the oldest magazine on insurance, published since 1947. In the magazine you can find articles written by the representatives of the Polish insurance market, both from the theoretical and practical perspective. We include also the articles writtens by debut authors as well as foreign authors. “Insurance News” is included in the list of scientific journals by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and received 6 points for its content.   

“Insurance News” publishes only materials which have not been published before. Authors are requested to send materials by e-mail with a capacity up to 40,000 characters in a Word fille. In appropriate cases, after consultation with the editors, published works may be of greater volume. The article should be formated according to the rules presented in the form. In order to ensure the author’s anonymity,  his/her name, address and brief information about the author should be submitted in a separate file. The editor reserves the right to change titles, intertitles and make shortcut, after consultation with the author. Fees are paid only for the materials ordered by the editors.

You have to send the author’s declaration to the editor’s office by post (according to the form)
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